Girl Child Education

Through the Girl Child Education campaign, Nirmaan will donate a digital device and internet subscription to girls from marginalized backgrounds, thereby ensuring they are able to continue their education

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Raised: 6,00,000
Goal: 1,00,000

Digital Device Donation Challenge

This is regarding a “Digital Device Donation Challenge”

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Raised:4 Devices Donated
Goal: 71,40,00,000 Devices to be denoted

Setting up a Computer Lab

The youth in the village though have an interest in learning about computers but do not have any facilities available.

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Raised: 25,000
Goal: 25,000

Operation Sahaaya

Nirmaan, as a part of Operation Sahaaya is working actively on flood rehabilitation.

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Raised: 30,00,000
Goal: 30,00,000

#Kerala Rising

Kites rise highest against the wind not with it. -Winston Churchill A Team EXCITE initiative to help our friends.

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Raised: 10,00,000
Goal: 10,00,000

Life Skills & Career Guidance to Govt. School Students

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Raised: Rs 30,00,000
Goal: Rs 30,00,000

Providing Sports Facility

Youth in the village show their interest inclined equally towards sports activities. A lot of them inspire to join armed forces and aim to be physically fit.

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Raised: 15,000
Goal: 15,000

Setting up a Library

The village needs a library for youth and other people who are willing to learn but suffer a lack of resource. However there is almost nil availability of books to them.

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Raised: 10,000
Goal: 10,000

Cleaning & Sanitation Facility

Sanitation and Hygiene is one of the basic need in order to keep the individual and environment healthy. However the village is seen to have no proper sanitation practices.

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Raised: 20,000
Goal: 20,000